He was born in Budapest. After the secondary school of arts
  he got his degree at the Academy of Fine Arts as a painter
  and graphic artist.
  He is a member of the Hungarian Society of Industrial
  and Fine Artists.
  „By the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st
  the world has speeded up. We, human beings are like atoms
  moving around in the globalised environment and can hardly
  find our values. We are bombarded with worthless and
  mass-produced things from commercials, films and TV
  transmissions. Reflective and sensitive men have to exclude

the outside world in order to find the way back to the lost

  As a painter I have always tried to find this way in my
  pictures, through my pictures. At the beginning, this search
  was instinctive but recently it has become a conscious process.
I am looking for harmony, beauty and natural ugliness, irony and the philosophy behind the events of

the world…

Literature (mithologies, the Bible), music, art and human relationships have always helped me.

I reinterpret the old forms (e.g.: portrait, tableau, historic or mithologic painting, genre painting and
erotic painting) and create and look for new symbols.
By the second half of the 19th century fine arts have reached their maximum. Everything that could be
done was done. No straight way lead forward so the following generations of artists started to neglect
the old traditions. It began with the impressionists and by the end of the 20th century through all the
isms we had questioned everything, even the questions themselves (think of: performance, installation,

minimnal art).

My intention is to turn back to the 19th century and build up my art starting from there and involving
everything that has happened since then: the isms, photographs, films, videos, commercials, the man
and the city of the 20th and 21st century.”


1978 - Ferencvárosi Pincetárlat
1994 - Tasi Galery, Szentendre
1979 - Bólyai Galery, Salgótarján
1995 - Helyõrségi Klub, Pécs
1980 - Stúdió Galery, Budapest
1996 - Vármúzeum, Simontornya
1981 - Paál László Terem, Budapest
1997 - Képcsarnok Bemutatóterem, Veszprém
1983 - Gulácsy Galery, Szeged
1998 - Hungarian Embassy, New York
1983 - Spiel-Casino, Baden
1999 - Tasi Galery, Szentendre
1984 - GAK Galery, Groningen
1999 - Sipos Galery, Pécs
1984 - Spiel-Casino, Linz
2000 - Fortuna Galery, Hévíz
1984 - Bástya Galery, Budapest
2000 - Bank Center, Budapest
1985 - van Almsick Galery, Gronau
2001 - Csíkihegyek Galery, Budapest
1986 - Buddenbrock Haus, Lübeck
2001 - Kortárs Galery, Pécs
1986 - Galerie bei der Komödie
2002 - Gulácsy Terem, Szeged
1986 - Atelier Mensch, Hamburg
2005 - József Attila MC, Budapest
1986 - Csepeli Iskola Galery, Budapest
2005 - Balaton Galery, Veszprém
1987 - Bernáth Aurél Terem, Kaposvár
2006 - Derkovits Terem, Budapest 
1987 - Csók Galery, Budapest
2006 - Alkotás Galery, Pécs
1988 - Kisfaludi Stróbl Terem, Zalaegerszeg
2006 - Gulácsy Galery, Szeged
1988 - Csók Galery, Budapest
2007 - Parish Hall, Dabas
1988 - Gulácsy Galery, Szeged
2007 - Community Center, Bugyi
1989 - Jacob Javits Center, New York
2007 - Arany János Community Center, Gyál
1989 - Galerie Osta, Düsseldorf   2007 - Community Center, Császártöltés
1989 - Mészöly Terem, Székesfehérvár
  2007 - Community Center, Hernád
1990 - Mednyánszky Terem, Budapest
  2007 - Petró Galery, Nagykanizsa
1990 - Képcsarnok Bemutatóterem, Gyõr
  2007 - Képíró Galery, Budapest
1991 - Medgyessy Terem, Debrecen
  2007 - Alkotás Galery, Pécs
1992 - Derkovits Terem, Szombathely
  2008 - Hiemer-Font-Caraffa B., Székesfehérvár
1993 - Gulácsy Terem, Szeged
  2009 - Bardoni Galery, Budapest
1994 - Derkovits Terem, Budapest